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How to Get Out of a Car Lease - Swap a Lease

For any consumer seeking how to get out of a car lease, the first step is to promote the car lease is available for lease take over (lease assumption). There are various methods to promote the availability of the vehicle.
  • WOM – word of mouth
  • Local car shows where consumers display their car for purchase or lease
  • Newspaper classifieds
  • Trade newspaper – ex. Auto trader
  • Online Lease Assumption Market Places

One of the best places to promote your car lease for take over is on the web through online market places, such as Auto Lease Breakers. Auto Lease Breakers facilities the lease seller by providing mass exposure through various online marketing channels to consumers seeking to take over the vehicle lease. Through Auto Lease Breakers, consumers seeking to understand why get out of a car lease, and how to get out of a car lease can advertise their vehicle profile and details, where potential lease buyers can browse and drill down on the vehicles available for lease transfer. Consumers seeking to get out of an auto lease provide full vehicle details, including a profile and photos for buyers to browse and contact the seller.

Why get out of a car lease | Advantages of getting out of a car lease

swap a lease with auto lease breakers

So how to get out of a car lease on Auto Lease Breakers? While there are a number of advantages to get out of a car lease, consumers transfer their car lease through the following:

  • Exposure on high buyer traffic web pages throughout the website
  • Customized buyer vehicle lease results
  • Email direct marketing of car leases that fit the specific criteria of the buyer
  • Locally tailored car lease results for buyers
  • Search engine optimizing on advertisements for consumers selling car leases where large online search authorities as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc. will help promote the lease to buyers
  • Affiliated websites promoting leasing information sellers seek
  • and more

A variety of vehicle leases that consumers are seeking to get out of and transfer, are available at Auto Lease Breakers. These include cars, trucks and other vehicles that are available for lease take over.

Process on How to Get Out of a Car Lease

  1. The first step is to advertise a car lease on AutoLeaseBreakers.com.
  2. Registered for a free account. Once registered, a lease seller will be asked to choose an advertising package that suites the exposure they want for the car lease. The more exposure for a car lease, the higher the chance a potential buyer will find the lease for take over.
  3. Once payment is received, the lease advertisement will be activated and live online for all buyers to view and contact the seller.
  4. Once contact is made by a potential buyer, the buyer and seller negotiate the terms and agreement.
  5. When a serious buyer is ready to take over a lease, the seller should run a credit check for the potential buyer, which will determine whether the Buyer is eligible to assume your lease.
  6. Once the Buyer's credit has been approved and the buyer has agreed to make a transfer, the buyer will work with the leasing company to transfer the lease.
  7. Once all paper work is signed by the lease buyer and lease seller, and agreed by the leasing company, the keys are handed over to the lease buyer and the process is complete.